Research progress of silybin in the treatment of drug-induced   liver injury

Liver is the main place for material metabolism and detoxification of human body, and also the main organ involved in toxic substances and drug metabolites. Drug-induced liver injury accounts for about 5% of all liver diseases, accounting for 10% of patients with acute hepatitis and 50% of acute liver failure. Silymarin is widely used in various kinds of liver injury as a classical hepatoprotective agent. In European and American countries, 65% of liver injury patients are treated with Chinese herbal medicine. In China, silybin has been used as a guideline for multiple guidelines including drug-induced liver injury. In addition to the protection of liver, silybin also has the effects of anti HCV replication, blood lipid reduction, protection of myocardium, inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, protection of nerve and antidepressant and anxiety. In this review, we reviewed the recent progress in the application of silybin in the treatment of drug-induced liver injury.



The application of 1 silybin in drug induced liver injury


1.1 liver injury induced by antipsychotic drugs


In recent years, the number of patients with mental illness has increased gradually. The main treatment methods are long course of treatment, uninterrupted oral antipsychotic drugs, and some patients even need life-long medication. Long term use of antipsychotic drugs (mostly chlorpromazine) can lead to liver injury, mainly due to elevated serum ALT and jaundice in a small number of patients. The mechanism of liver injury induced by antipsychotics is not clear. It may be due to the toxic damage of drugs to liver cells or the allergic reaction of liver to drugs. Studies have shown that the application of silybin to treat liver injury caused by antipsychotic drugs can effectively reduce serum ALT level. It is also reported that silybin has certain preventive effect on liver damage caused by antipsychotic drugs for HBV carriers, and is safe.



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