Silymarin is exported to Belarus for the first time in Northeast   China.

Dalian September 13th news (reporter Zhang Siqing correspondent Zhang Baiqi) reporter learned from the Liaoning inspection and Quarantine Bureau, recently, under the supervision of the Liaoning Panjin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, under the supervision of the Liaoning Panjin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the 2740 dollar silymarin is exported to Belarus, which is produced by the Panjin St. Bo silymarin extraction Co., Ltd., which is the northeast of China. Silymarin was exported to Belarus for the first time.


Silymarin is a flowering herbaceous plant, with strong antioxidant activity, antioxidant activity higher than vitamin C and vitamin E, its application has been extended to health products and cosmetics and other fields, the market at home and abroad is very popular.


Panjin city of Liaoning is the largest processing base of silymarin in the country. Silymarin is also the key export product in Panjin. It occupies more than 70% of the export market share of the same kind of domestic products, which has the characteristics of many enterprises, large quantities and high value of goods. In the second quarter of 2017, the 126 batches and 4 million 560 thousand US products of silymarin exported to Panjin area increased by 28.57% and 50.70% compared with the same period last year.


According to Panjin inspection and Quarantine Bureau of quarantine department responsible person, this batch of silymarin in "The Belt and Road along the country, will be a very good role for Panjin and the country's exports of milk thistle, I believe that through a good reputation, more similar products in China will continue into the international market.



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