Panjin Silybum Artichoke Biological Co. Ltd. is the general agent   of Royal Harvest in China.

At 13:00 p.m. on July 19, 2019, Panjin Silymarin Biological Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Fengrui Tiancheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed the national general agency agreement, and Panjin Silymarin Biological Co., Ltd. became the national general agent for the products of the present Yuhe brand series.


Professional silymarin extract production enterprises in China are committed to promoting the industrialization group of "high-end silymarin seed oil". The company integrates silymarin planting base, R&D, production and direct marketing into one. With unique product attributes, excellent quality and advanced strategic layout of "whole industry chain", it provides a brand-new product for people. Lifestyle, leading the big health industry.

With the improvement of people's living standard, the food supply and safety have attracted more and more attention from consumers. Residents'consumption concept has changed and upgraded from solving the problem of food and clothing to eating health, nutrition and freshness. Wang Hongxing, chairman of the board of directors, said at the signing ceremony: "We should let the truly healthy and nutritious cooking oil into ten thousand homes." After the signing of this contract, we hope that the team will continue to work hard to lead the silymarin biology industry and high-end edible oil in China into a new era of change. We will make the silymarin seed oil of "today's Royal Grass" the first brand of high-end edible oil and let the world fall in love with silymarin panjin!




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