We have 10,000 mu of good farmland in Inner Mongolia as the raw material of artichoke planting base, where the land is fertile, the air is fresh, the growth environment is pollution-free.

Selected natural organic silymarin seeds, extracted by mechanical cold pressing, refined by multiple physical processes, each drop of silymarin seed oil is extracted from thousands of natural organic high-quality silymarin seeds without any harmful chemical substances, to ensure that its nutritional characteristics will never be damaged. To ensure the highest quality.

Silymarin seed oil is extracted from the medicinal and edible silymarin seeds. It has been designated as "special healthy edible oil" by China Oil Expo and is a rare oil in the world. The

development of the industry has shown vitality and has become a sunrise industry in China.

In the early nineteenth century, German scientist Ledemacher's experiment proved that silymarin contained flavonoids, which could protect liver cell membrane, improve liver function and

prevent liver injury caused by many factors.

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