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        Silybum is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to protect the liver. Silybum seed oil is

obtained from the Sipunhae sinensis seeds and contains the active ingredient of the mother milk thistle. Thistle flavonoid silymarin.
       We have ten thousand mu of farmland in Inner Mongolia as a base for the planting of silymarin. The

land there is fertile, the air is fresh, and the growth environment is pollution-free. The natural and organic

silymarin seeds are selected, and the essence of the milk thistle seed is extracted by mechanical cold

pressing and refined through multiple physical processes. Each drop of silymarin oil is used without any

harmful chemical substances. Thousands of natural and organic high quality milk thistle seeds are

extracted to ensure that their nutritional properties are never compromised to ensure the highest quality.
       The original ecological milk thistle seed oil is one of the world's best known seed oils. It contains many unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid. It is rich in vitamins and

minerals, especially vitamin E. Zinc and selenium are special healthful edible oils with health benefits.
       "From seeds to the table" This product is a strict control of cultivation, harvesting, squeezing, exquisite, filling, packaging and transportation, and meets the national organic food standards. Use the highest

quality Silybum seed fruit to produce 100% pure and healthy nutrient oil. In line with the national standard of edible oil, the ingredients are healthy, the fragrance is palatable, and with its unique liver protection

effect, it is more and more popular with ordinary people and gradually becomes the health-care oil product with the fastest growth in consumption.


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JINPINYUHE · Development History

Natural cold pressing, organic life; today is Shangpin, Royal Jiahe; the world cherishes oil;

The First Planted Water Flying

Thistle blossoms here

First batch of Silymarin


Produced from here


Su Xiaofeng, founder of Panjin Fengrui Biotechnology Co Ltd  began to enter the silymarin extract production industry.

Increase production equipment to achieve annual output of more than 300 tons, research and development and introduction of low-soluble silymarin residue


Through ISO 9001 certification through KOSHER, HALAL certification

Royal Wood Brand Series Silymarin Seed Oil

China, Liaoning and Panjin

Panjin Fengrui Biotechnology Co Ltd was established. Su Xiaofeng, a legal person, mainly produces silymarin.

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